Things are definitely heating up between Lamar Odom and his alleged new girlfriend, Maddy Morebucks. The Haitian model shared quite the intimate video to her Snapchat story, featuring the duo packing on the PDA at a nightclub over the weekend.

This alleged relationship comes shortly after news broke of Lam Lam’s famous ex Khloé Kardashian’s pregnancy! Just weeks ago, it was revealed that Khlo and boyfriend Tristan Thompson are preparing to welcome a son or daughter soon. According to People magazine, the baby is expected to arrive in February — around the same time younger sister Kylie Jenner is due to have her child.

This revelation may have come as a shock to Lamar after Khloé admitted that she “fake tried” to get pregnant while married to him. “I knew the circumstances weren’t the healthiest, so I just kept pretending I was doing it,” she said in reference to fertility treatments.

Lamar’s cousin Simone Greggs told In Touch that the family was heartbroken when they found out Khloé had been dishonest with Lamar. “There’s no way to defend what Khloé did. It is disgraceful,” she said. “Yes, Lamar deceived Khloé with his infidelities, but she deceived him too by faking fertility treatments when she knew all along she didn’t want to bring a baby into the world. That’s betrayal.”

Unfortunately for the reality star, Life & Style exclusively revealed last week that she and Tristan have been fighting nonstop amid her pregnancy. “Khloé wants to marry Tristan and seal their relationship, but Tristan is nowhere near ready to make that commitment,” said a source. “This has all happened so fast and marriage is the last thing on his mind.”

“Khloé knows she’s in for a bumpy road ahead [with Tristan]. Her worst fear is to be pregnant and alone.”