Sometimes, it takes an embarrassing moment to inspire a weight loss inspiration — and that’s exactly what happened to Laura Cosbie from Slimming World. The mother-of-two exclusively opened up to Life & Style about getting in shape and dropping more than 100 pounds after having an issue boarding and getting out of a seat on a theme park ride.

“It was humiliating,” Laura recalled. “My husband wanted to go on a ride [where] the harness comes down over your head and then it tilts you forward, so you’re leaning on the harness as it takes you around the roller coaster. When it tilted forward, I panicked. I cried the whole way around.”

“It was so traumatic, thinking the harness wouldn’t be able to hold my weight,” she continued. “Then when it came to getting off the ride, when the next group of passengers were waiting to get on, they couldn’t undo the harness. I couldn’t get out of the ride. My husband tried to do it, and in the end it took at least three people to get me out.”

laura crosbie slimming world
Slimming World

Today, Laura is at her goal weight thanks to her involvement with Slimming World — a journey she started in August 2012 at 266 pounds in order to lose weight for her 30th birthday. Planning for the milestone occasion was quite a damper for her thanks to her weight, as she wanted to go horseback riding. “I had to cancel plans because I was too heavy. I was too heavy and nowhere would take me,” she recalled.

Now, thanks to the organization, she learned to make her favorite meals in a healthier manner from scratch — and she even inspired her family to abide by a vegan lifestyle. “They’re so well educated when it comes to making good food choices,” she gushed. “They absolutely know what healthy choices are and the importance of making them.”

Laura revealed she is just over 130 pounds — which was the final goal weight she wanted to obtain.

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