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Then and Now! See How ‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Lauren Graham Has Transformed Through the Years

Through the years! Lauren Graham became a household name during her time on Gilmore Girls and continued her acting career on more recent shows like Zoey’s Extraordinary PlaylistParenthood and Vampirina. The actress has sparked plastic surgery speculation through the years thanks to her ageless beauty, but has she gone under the knife?

Throughout her entire career, the Hawaii native has kept her signature dark hair, which perfectly complements her icy blue eyes. After spending over two decades in the public eye, it comes as no surprise her appearance would change a bit. Lauren has not publicly addressed speculation that she has undergone cosmetic procedures. However, in her book, Talking As Fast As I Can, she talked about wanting to age gracefully, while being careful not to confirm or deny rumors. 

Some speculation about Lauren’s look started when the miniseries revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life aired in 2016. It turns out, the former Caroline in the City star was unbothered by any negative reactions about her or the plot.

“We don’t pay attention to anything. We don’t know. None of us are on the internet, almost at all,” she explained about herself and costars during a Facebook Live panel discussion at the time. “So, I know what you mean, but the show has a sense of humor, and that’s its sense of humor. And I think maybe it feels a little different.”

Funny enough, Lauren’s inner circle advised her to pass on the part of Lorelai Gilmore, which turned out to be a hugely iconic role. “At the time, everyone in my peer group saw it as sort of a ‘mom’ role predominantly, and there was all sorts of discussion,” the starlet told Variety, while noting her pals thought the role would “age” her. “I was, what 31 or 32, and you know, it was a bad idea to play a mom to a teenager and that would it ‘age me,’ and I just never — that is not the first thing I thought of. Or the third thing! I just thought, ‘This is a great relationship and a world I wanted to spend time in.’”

Whether or not Lauren has changed her look through the years, she’s stayed absolutely gorgeous. Keep scrolling to see her transformation!