If you’re a woman in your 20s and older, chances are you know someone who’s dabbled with cosmetic procedures. Whether you or your friend have tried Botox, gotten lip injections or tested out one of the latest trendy facials, there should be no shame about wanting to maintain a vibrant appearance. As Dr. Schwarzburg of Skinly Aesthetics exclusively tells Life & Style, he’s all about boosting one’s confidence “through minor improvements.”

“Everyone has insecurities that they wish to address. Many people are fearful of cosmetic procedures, especially if they haven’t been introduced to minimally and non-invasive options,” the Board Certified Physician says, noting because “cosmetic enhancements are often associated with botched surgeries,” many are hesitant to try a procedure out.

Dr. Schwarzburg doesn’t want his clients to worry about “permanently” altering their appearance, though, as he’s “all about natural results.” Explaining that it’s important to only “enhance [his] patient’s natural beauty,” the New York City cosmetologist uses “minimally invasive treatments that will make my patients feel more confident in their own skin,” such as Botox, Microneedling, Ultherapy, laser medicine and much more.

Photo Courtesy of Skinly Aesthetics

One way Dr. Schwarzburg often boosts one’s confidence is through lip injections, or a hyaluronic acid-based filler. When offering advice on those who are considering to bite the bullet and try fillers, Dr. Schwarzburg says to “do your homework before getting the procedure.”

“Look into different types of dermal fillers and techniques, know what kind of look you want to achieve and make sure you know about your provider’s background — qualifications, reviews, before-and-after photos — to avoid getting ripped off or leaving with unsatisfactory results,” he says.

When it comes to getting lip fillers, the renowned doctor adds the main side effects are “swelling and bruising,” which can be decreased by applying a cold compress, as well as avoiding “exercising and excessive heat.” In order to see the best results, he advises staying away from exercising for three to four days, and you also shouldn’t “rub or touch your lips.”

As far as the fillers are expected to last, Dr. Schwarzburg tells Life & Style “you can expect your lips to go back to their original state” after about nine months. One shouldn’t fear that their lips will be “flat or loose,” though, as our “skin is flexible and typically goes back to its original form” once the filler is metabolized (a.k.a. dissolved) by the body.

If you’re considering trying lip fillers or any other procedure out, Dr. Schwarzburg wants you to know it’s possible to “embrace [your] natural look through minor improvements.” As he tells Life & Style, his No. 1 goal as a cosmetologist is to make his patients “feel more comfortable and confident in themselves.”

If you’re interested in learning about lip fillers and other minimally and non-invasive options, be sure to visit SkinlyAesthetics.com for more information.