Even though Delilah Hamlin and her younger sister, Amelia Hamlin, are models, they don’t always feel good about themselves. In fact, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin‘s eldest daughter, Delilah, 21, reveals “it definitely takes time to gain confidence,” she tells Life & Style exclusively while promoting their partnership with Motorola. “We tend to tear ourselves down, so try not to do this!”

The blonde babe continued to note how she picks herself up when she is not feeling too great in her skin. “I have a note under my bathroom mirror that says, ‘You look beautiful today,’” she admits. “My boyfriend left this note for me and even on my ‘bad’ days, the reassurance of those words — whether it’s coming from someone else or more importantly yourself — can make all the difference.”

Delilah and Amelia With Their Mom Lisa Rinna
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On the other hand, Amelia, 18, believes “authenticity is the most important form of confidence that anyone can have.”

Delilah and Amelia grew up in Hollywood, so it was a no-brainer when they both realized they wanted to pursue a career in the fashion world. “It was definitely a big part of our childhood,” Delilah says. “Amelia and I would constantly play dress-up. [Our mom] would take us to Target, and I would come home and set everything up on the Target hangers in the dining room, calling it my own store. There was always an element of fashion lingering.”

The brunette beauty recalls “being in my mom’s Louboutin’s” growing up “while driving in my toy car on the porch.” She adds, “The heels would always fall through the cracks of the porch. It was great.”

Of course, Delilah and Amelia can’t help but raid the 56-year-old’s closet to this day — but then again, who wouldn’t? “I steal all my mom’s nice shirts, like cashmere and things like that,” Amelia notes. “I sadly don’t fit into her shoes.” Meanwhile, Delilah admits her mom has “some great pieces in her closet and coincidentally, we’re the same size.”

Now that both girls are gaining followers on social media and in the modeling world, they rely on their parents’ encouraging messages from time to time. “The best piece of advice that has truly stuck with me is from my dad,” Amelia shares. “He always tells me that what other people think is none of my business. That’s easier said than done but really crucial.”

“They have given me great advice that sometimes I forget some of it,” Delilah hilariously echoes. “The thing that has stuck with me the most that Lisa and Harry have both told me is to be nice to everyone! Another great piece of advice my mom gave me recently about the industry is that sometimes work will be taking off, and you’ll be so busy. However, other times, it’s important to enjoy the rest period because things do take time.”

Amelia Hamlin and Delilah Modeling
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Delilah and Amelia both walked the runway at The Blonds New York 2020 fashion show in February, where they unveiled the new blush gold razr phone. “It was so surreal. The adrenaline was crazy,” Amelia recalls. “When I was 10, my dad gave me his old Motorola razr to play with. I just couldn’t believe that I was not only walking a show with my sister but also a variation of my first-ever phone.”

Delilah couldn’t help but gush over the “cool experience” of being able to incorporate the cellular device into the fashion show. “I feel so honored to be the one giving the razr a comeback!”

We can’t wait to see these ladies take the industry by storm!