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Everything You Need to Know About Season 3 of Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’: Release Date, Cast and More

It’s no secret that seasons 1 and 2 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind were hugely popular. With that, fans are dying to know when season 3 of Love Is Blind will be available to watch on the streaming giant. Moreover, viewers want all the tea on where the series will take place and who the cast members will be. To learn more about season 3 of Love Is Blind, keep reading. 

When Does Season 3 of ‘Love Is Blind’ Premiere?

“We’ve already filmed season three,” Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen dished during a February 2022 interview with U.K.’s Metro. “Every season is totally unique. Season three is a very different being than either season one or season two.”

The official release date for Love Is Blind season 3 was revealed to be October 19, according to People. In addition to season 3, Netflix renewed the series for seasons 4 and 5.

In addition to season 3 of Love Is Blind, Netflix renewed the series for seasons 4 and 5.

Where Does Season 3 of ‘Love Is Blind’ Take Place?

Whereas seasons 1 and 2 took place in Chicago, Illinois, season 3 was filmed in Dallas, Texas, per Variety.

Who Will Be on Season 3 ‘Love Is Blind’ Cast?

There is a whole new group of singles who are hoping to find love in the pods. In addition, Nick and Vanessa Lachey will be back as hosts!

“I think the thing about Love Is Blind and the reason that we’re also excited for another season, season 3, [is] because every season’s different, you know, the cast is always different,” the former boybander told Us Weekly in March 2022.

Although the casting process has gotten more difficult amid the show’s popularity, Nick is confident in the season 3 contestants. “Obviously, [with the show’s] success, a lot of people have seen season 1 and now season 2 and so you’ll never have that innocent first time [of] what season 1 was when no one knew what to expect when the experiment was truly an experiment,” he explained. “But I do think that [producers] do as good a job as you possibly can in trying to find the people who were there for the right reasons.”

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Trailer

The teaser trailer dropped on September 14, and while it did not identify the contestants’ names, the new faces were shown in various scenes including a wedding.

Stay tuned for more updates on season 3 of Love Is Blind. Keep scrolling to see cast photos!