While Keenan Anunay and Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray were coupled up since day one in the Love Island U.S.A. villa, the pair went through major “tests” before their shocking, surprise dumping. 

What Challenges Did Keenan and Kay Kay Face in the ‘Love Island U.S.A.’ Villa?

Keenan and Kay Kay met on episode one and sparks ignited. Despite their strong bond, Keenan was not closed off to other connections and continued to get to know every bombshell that walked into the villa. 

After Keenan tested out multiple connections, he decided he wanted to close things off and make his relationship exclusive with Kay Kay. However, the girls were jetted off to Casa Amor before he could make the distinction. 

During the heated relationship test, Keenan found a connection with Najah Fleary and their connection got steamy, with them sharing intimate moments under the covers. 

Those intimate moments were later played for all the girls to see while still in Casa Amor, leading Kay Kay to return to the villa and opt to not recouple with Keenan and instead be single. 

While Keenan ultimately decided to stay with Kay Kay, Najah described being “blindsided” as she thought he was going to choose her to recouple. 

“We had a moment right before recoupling. All the guys and girls are together and he looks me in my eyes,” Najah told Today.com following her dumping. “I swear we were staring at each other for maybe like two minutes, and it was like nobody else was in the room. It just made me feel so secure.”  

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Najah also said that once the video was mentioned, she felt Keenan had to redeem himself and that’s why he chose Kay Kay. 

“This is a theory from other people as well, but I honestly felt like once Carmen [Kocourek] brought up that video (that shows what the guys did while in Casa Amor) that he had to save himself,” she continued. “And that was his way of saving himself.”

Are ‘Love Island U.S.A.’ Stars Keenan and Kay Kay Still Together?

Following the Casa Amor recoupling, Kay Kay and Keenan were able to resuscitate their relationship. However, during the August 18 episode, Keenan was shockingly dumped from the Love Island U.S.A. villa after receiving the fewest votes from fans. 

With Keenan leaving, Kay Kay also decided to voluntarily leave the villa to follow her love connection. 

Keenan updated fans on his relationship with Kay Kay on August 21. “My Love Island journey is now over and I got what I came for,” he wrote via Instagram alongside a carousel of shots from the series. “Most of all, I’m lucky to have met @kaykalore and I’m prepared to answer any questions or hear any personal opinions after I tell you guys about my journey, good or bad appreciation to everyone that watched our journey till the end!”

Kay Kay followed up with her own update one day later. “Love Island has been such an amazing experience for me. I had quite the emotional rollercoaster this season but throughout, I built lifelong friendships, I learned so much about myself and I stayed true to me,” she wrote via Instagram on August 22. “I’m looking forward to sharing what’s next for Keenan (@smoothk9_) & myself. I love you guys.”