The show must go on! Maren Morris rocked out on stage during a show in Birmingham, England, and stunned fans as she wore a see-through crop mesh top.

“When you accidentally didn’t flash check your top pre-show,” the “Bones” singer, 33, captioned her Sunday, July 2, Instagram post alongside photos of her spicy outfit.

Fans were obsessed with the daring look and praised the country star ​in the comments section for wearing what made her feel comfortable during her performance.

“First thing I do when I get home from work take the bra off !!!! Especially when it’s like 100 degrees out !! Maren can do what she wants!!! you go girl!!!” one person wrote, while a second person gushed, “International country queen. I know that’s right.”

Meanwhile, others compared Maren’s wardrobe malfunction to an episode of Friends where Monica Geller (played byCourteney Cox) sang karaoke while unknowingly wearing a see-through blouse.

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The Texas native is no stranger to showing off her skin and has even clapped back at online critics who have shared their problems with her outfit choices over the years.

Three years ago, the “Humble Quest” artist shared a snapshot via Instagram after getting fully glammed. Instead of focusing on her fabulous mane, online trolls picked a problem with her outfit choice, which was a low-cut long-sleeve dress.

“Wavy hair as the camera is only on your tits. Yes, it’s distasteful for sure. Come on, if your caption reads wavy hair, maybe keep the focus on the hair, or, perhaps, make the caption big boobs?” ​a critic wrote the time. “Just saying, holy cow. Everything in this world doesn’t make sense anymore. Clearly, these littles don’t have much to look up to either.”

Maren clapped back at the person, writing, “Girl, BYE. Don’t let my boobs knock you on the way out.”

Not only did the Grammy winner slam the woman on Instagram but made a public service announcement to all of her followers who may have ​critical views on clothing.

“Mom boobs for life. If you’re offended, sign off,” Maren tweeted in July 2020, after posting the skin-barring photo.

Fans chimed into the conversation and gave their unwavering support to the superstar.

“Excuse me I literally saw that picture of you today and thought DAYUM her boobs look amaze,” a fan responded, which led Maren to reply, “Haha thank you. Sorry I’ve been wearing a nursing bra and sweatpants for 4 months and decided to get dressed up.”