Mariah Carey hasn’t driven in years and revealed she doesn’t have a current license. The singer said she’s capable of getting behind the wheel, but explained why she doesn’t.

“The thing is, it’s just better for me to go with somebody and not drive, but I can drive,” Mariah, 53, confessed during a Wednesday, November 15, appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

The topic came about after Jennifer, 43, revealed she drives herself to work each day. “If there was one street where I could say ‘this is a safe street for me to drive,’ I would do that,” Mariah responded.

“I was going to get my license, but I let it expire,” the Grammy winner continued, adding, “I did have one, but I left where I was living and was living in the city, and you really don’t want to drive in Manhattan. I don’t.”

Mariah explained she tried to get a new license but found out it had expired seven years ago. “So, I was going to have to take the test again and I was like I don’t…,” before Jennifer interjected, “I don’t think I would pass if I had to take the test again.” Mimi replied, “That’s what I’m saying!”

The New York native promised, “So, now I’m going to try to get the license again, OK?”

During the segment, the “Dream Lover” songstress revealed some surprising secrets about her footwear. When asked what the most casual piece of clothing in her closet was, Mariah replied, “Probably some hideous slides that someone made me purchase.” She also shared that she can’t wear sneakers because they give her blisters on the back of her feet.

That doesn’t mean the fashionista is a fan of sky-high heels either. “Heels hurt too so I don’t really know what to do,” Mariah confessed before adding that her favorite footwear is fuzzy slippers.

The queen of Christmas is making the promotional rounds ahead of the 2023 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, November 19, where she will be performing her iconic tune “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” for the first time at an awards show.

Mariah will be joined by two very special guests for the BBMAs, as Moroccan and Monroe — her 12-year-old twins she shares with ex-husband Nick Cannon — will be taking part.

“I love it. I love seeing them stepping into this performance space, this music space, and the fact that they’re eager to do it, that’s on them,” she told Access.

“I never say ‘you guys gotta do this,’ you know? It’s whatever they want to do and they’re rehearsing for it and going for it and really working hard, so that’s impressive to me,” Mariah added.