Mary Fitzgerald and husband Romain Bonnet suffered a devastating miscarriage in March and the Selling Sunset star recently revealed they were “supposed to film” the day they lost their unborn baby.

“Romain just called [the team]. He’s like, ‘Do not show up at our house. I will not let you in. She needs a minute,’” Mary, 43, recalled to Us Weekly on Friday, November 3. “And so he was, like, my total protector.”

The Netflix couple, who wed in 2018, conceived naturally during a January trip to Bali and Mary shared she suffered a ​pregnancy loss in March via Instagram Stories. After her announcement, she stayed relatively silent on the subject because she “needed time to heal.” “It was a septic miscarriage as well. I got very, very, very sick. And that was just really hard,” she told the publication.

“I think emotionally and physically, it was very, very difficult and I needed just time to process and grieve, heal. And so, it took quite a few months. I think it’s been about six months. I’m OK now.”

After experiencing pregnancy complications and suffering a miscarriage, Mary told Us Weekly that she and Romain, 30, have grown “closer and stronger” as a pair.

“Knowing I have a man like that on my side is just, I mean, couldn’t ask for more. He always never lets me down. He is just a total rock and always impresses me at how he handles situations, so maturely in such a loving way, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner,” she told the outlet.

Mary Fitzgerald Was Set to Film the Day of Her Miscarriage

The Oppenheim Group vice president and project manager discussed their pregnancy journey exclusively with Life & Style in February 2022, two years after Mary froze her eggs. “I’m getting ready to turn 42 in the summer and this is something I have to prioritize,” she explained at the time, noting that they were planning to procreate in “probably two years.”

“We have so many great things going on. We have so much we want to take advantage of. We’re both, workaholics, and we want to see how far we can go and push ourselves … before we slow down,” the reality star admitted to Life & Style. “Neither of us wants to slow down just yet, and we love traveling. We love just like going to dinner and stuff and I’m like, ‘I’ve had a kid. I know what it’s like.’”

Although the Netflix stars don’t share a child together, Mary welcomed her son, Austin Babbitt, when she was 16 and raised him as a single mother.