He’s growing up before our eyes! It looks like you may be seeing more of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s oldest son, Mason Disick, on Keeping Up With the Kardashians now that he’s going to be doing confessionals on the show.

On April 7, a fan asked Kim Kardashian if we can expect to see her daughter North West getting a close-up on the reality series anytime soon. “Does North ever ask to do confessionals!?!?” tweeted a fan. While the answer may have been no for now, at least there’s another Kar-Jenner kid for the job. “Not yet but soon you will see Mason do them,” she replied in a now-deleted tweet. “Instead of a producer asking questions [Khloé Kardashian] is doing it. I haven’t seen them yet but [heard] they are so funny & heart warming.”

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As the oldest of the Kar-Jenner kids, it’s only natural Mase, 9, gets his time to shine in the spotlight before the rest of the squad. Besides, we’re sure he has lots of important things to say. On the April 7 episode of KUWTK, he made a very good point pertaining to Kim’s personal life.

His aunt was discussing her possible move to her husband Kanye West’s native city of Chicago, when all of a sudden Mason chimed in and gave his opinion on why he was so against it.

“I wanna go to one of Ye’s concerts,” he told his family at the dinner table. “Well, they’re all going to be in Chicago now,” said his dad, Scott. “They are?!” asked Mason, to which Keeks replied, “I don’t know. He is thinking of moving to Chicago.”

Then Mason said what the whole fam has been thinking. “You can’t move to Chicago! Your whole family is here!” he told Kim. If this is him now, we can’t wait to see what other knowledge he’ll drop once he’s being interviewed about what goes on in the show.