When it comes to skincare, Meghan Markle is all about natural beauty! Her former makeup artist, Spencer Barnes, exclusively told Life & Style what the duchess prefers while getting her makeup done.

“When I worked with Meghan, she was all about skin! She wanted her skin to look like skin but enhanced galore — glowing, radiant, and healthy —  while subtly contoured so that the architecture of her face was maximized. Nuanced subtly was always key,” the beauty expert, whose clientele also consists of other stars like Kristin Cavallari, Julianne Hough and Mila Kunis, revealed. “Meghan loves a peachy, radiant glow on the cheeks.”

Spencer Barnes Talks Meghan Markle Makeup

Even when she isn’t wearing makeup, Meghan took expert care to ensure her skin was flawless with some of the best quality skincare products. Spencer says “she used to go to Kate Somerville on Melrose Place” for her facials when she was living in Los Angeles.

Aside from perfected skin, another crucial element in achieving balanced expression are the eyebrows — and Meghan gave careful attention to ensure her brows looked natural, but were well-shaped. The goal was to complement her gorgeous brown eyes and beautiful smile. Spencer continued, “Skin and brows are two of the most powerful things you can do to a face to make or break it’s harmonious balance. She perfected the art of natural-looking beauty because it was so well balanced.”

When it came to her eyes, the Suits alum kept it light. “With her eyes, she liked deep rich earthy browns & plums — but also gold tones, bronzes and soft peaches,” he said. “Things that would give a little highlight. We never really got into bold color on her eyes. Meghan looks best in neutral tones to ensure her beautiful, brown eyes were defined with a bit of wow.”

Spencer Barnes Talks Meghan Markle Makeup Routine
Spencer Barnes


Meghan is quite the style icon, inspiring others without ever having to try too hard, and often seen masterfully wearing monochromatic attire head to toe. For the most part, she keeps her makeup restrained in its elegance, particularly on her lips by rocking muted tones like fleshy nudes, pinky-peaches and a hint of rose-tones. However, on special occasions when the look called for it, she would switch it up and opt for a bold choice. “We occasionally went with a deep red lip, but Meghan generally went for a peachy/nude tone,” Spencer divulged. “She had a more honed-in look. She liked it when some of her freckles were visible and shined through. She didn’t like to appear overly made up, [or] to look completely transformed, and that’s one of the things I loved most about her — she always wanted to look effortlessly radiant and fresh-faced chic.”
Clearly, less is more!

Reporting by Natalie Posner.