The countdown to Mercedes “MJ” Javid’s wedding to Tommy Feight is on, and the Shahs of Sunset star is trying to look her best. “I’m too pretty to be fat,” says the outspoken MJ, 45, who’s been shedding weight lately. Though she hasn’t admitted to any plastic surgery, her face looks like it has changed too.

“It seems she has restored some of the volume in her face that she lost through weight loss with well-placed filler,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Neinstein, who, like the other experts quoted in this story, hasn’t worked with MJ. Libbie Mugrabi, the owner of Tight. Medical Spa in Southampton, N.Y., says MJ’s face “is more balanced than before. She looks great. She’s really taken care of her skin.”

Dermatologist Dr. William Kwan is also impressed with MJ’s updated look. “She looks completely different, although still very pretty,” he says. “She’s not as youthful, but she looks more glamorous now!” Scroll down for a closer look at the reality star’s transformation.

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MJ in 2012 (left) vs. 2017. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


“It appears she’s been getting Botox,” says NYC dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg, who notes, “There are no wrinkles or lines.” Cost: $900-$1.2K per treatment.


Mugrabi thinks MJ has had a “liquid nose job,” meaning she’s used filler, not surgery. “There’s more definition along the bridge,” Mugrabi points out. Price tag: $3.5K and up.


Dr. Goldenberg says MJ’s skin quality has improved, noting, “her pores are smaller and her skin is smooth.” He adds that this could be the result of microneedling with PRP ($1.2K–$2.4K).


“She has full, plump lips,” notes Dr. Neinstein, “which perfectly suit her facial structure.” The reality star could be using a filler like Restylane or Juvéderm at a cost of $700–$800.