Taking sexy to a whole new level! Emily Ratajkowski graced the Met Gala carpet in a very revealing silver cut-out dress that mostly covered up her neck and head with a pair of angel wings. But not everything was covered: her tummy and underside of her cleavage were totally exposed!

Emily Ratajkowski
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The 27-year-old is known for her risqué fashion choices. She wears what she wants and we love her for it. Recently, she channeled her love for fashion into a swimwear line called Inamorata, which to her, is about creating inclusivity. “It’s not about the body — it’s about the confidence, it’s about self-love. These are pieces that are for you,” she said on her brand’s website.

Not only does the brunette beauty use clothes to make a fashion statement, but she makes sure she also uses her platform for good. For example, Emily slammed a fan who criticized her friend in a photo the model posted in March. The Insta snap featured Emily and her pal’s butts in bikinis as they posed facing down.

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finally tanned thanks to @bondisands #bondisandsaero

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“Beach bums,” Emily captioned the pic. However, after haters swarmed her comments with mean reactions, her mood quickly changed. “I love my friend’s body, and both her and I think she looks great here!” she fired back in an Instagram comment. “And I’m proud she’s rocking my suits. All these haters are crazy. Just because you’re used to seeing one body type on the internet doesn’t mean that that’s the only kind that should be considered ‘beautiful.'” Preach!

When it comes to the Met Gala fashion, Emily wasn’t the only star to bare it all. Many stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner showed off their assets on the pink carpet, proving there’s nothing sexier than wearing whatever you want, whether people like it or not. We’re so here for that attitude!