New ink, who dis? Miley Cyrus’ longtime tattoo artist Brian Woo (a.k.a Doctor Woo) took to Instagram to showcase the singer’s most recent arm piece, as well as share the story behind it. Apparently, the design was inspired by Miley’s dreamy (ahem, romantic) vacation to Italy with her rumored flame, Kaitlynn Carter

“Cool old sculpture [Miley] found in Italy,” Brian, 38, captioned the post on Wednesday, August 21. According to many of the fan comments, the 26-year-old’s tattoo is actually the “Visconti family crest,” which is a symbol of Milan. Regardless of the history behind the design, it’s clear that Miley wanted to have a permanent reminder of the pair’s trip.

Miley Cyrus, Kaitlynn Carter
Courtesy of Kaitlynn Carter/Instagram

Unfortunately, it was her steamy getaway with Kaitlynn, 30, that prompted her ex Liam Hemsworth to officially file for divorce. “Liam hit the roof when photos emerged of Kait and Miley hooking up,” a source revealed to In Touch. “It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Despite Miley’s very public flirtationship with Kaitlynn, an additional insider told the publication that the former Disney Channel star was “hurt” by Liam’s decision to move along with the proceedings less than two weeks after news of their split broke.

Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus
Courtesy of Liam Hemsworth/Instagram

“While she’s moved on, she expected him to wait so they could both make the decision together,” the source explained. “The bottom line is, Liam has had enough of Miley’s attention-seeking ways and wants out.”

As it stands, Miley has yet to personally comment on her breakup. That said, she did release a not-so-subtle single called “Slide Away” that pretty much made it clear she was ready to let go of Liam and their whirlwind love affair. Sigh. To be honest, we’re still not over all of this. Here’s hoping we get more new music from Miley, though. #SorryNotSorry.

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