He may be feeling like a million bucks now, but Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Madison Hildebrand had an excruciating 2016. The now-37-year-old sustained a concussion and a broken jaw just over a year ago… and it’s all his cousin’s fault!

“It was a pool party, and I was sitting next to the diving board, and my 14-year-old cousin went and jumped off and did a frog-leg jump, and his knee clipped the back of my right jaw bone under my ear and did a clean fracture,” he told The Daily Dish in October 2016, recalling the incident a month prior. “And I got [knocked] out, a concussion and, obviously, fractured my jaw.”

Three days later, Madison was in the O.R. having his jaw wired shut — and the following days and weeks were unpleasant, to say the least. “My mouth is free, which is exciting, but it’s still a healing process I was not prepared for,” the Bravo star said at the time. “I can’t really eat. My stomach has shrunk. My mouth, if I open it too wide, I get electrocuted. It is not exactly what I was expecting.”

It got worse, too: He had to become accustomed to a new normal whenever he bit down. “My teeth aren’t aligned correctly,” he explained. “I think it’s just like with any bone, when you break it, it’s going to take a while to build the muscle strength and coordination. My biggest concern is that my mouth isn’t lined up. My teeth are off an eighth of an inch, so when I bite down it’s not even a normal bite.”

The injury even took a drastic toll on this openly gay realtor’s social life. “I just had to really acquiesce to the fact that I can’t talk,” he said. “I really shouldn’t be around people … All the guys I was dating sort of disappeared because when you can’t talk or go on a date… and it was relatively new relationships, so no one serious enough that would want to take care of me or that I wanted to be in my house for that long. So it’s like I feel like I’m starting my whole dating life over. But in some ways I realize that … it cleans it out [with those guys]. We’ll see. It’s just been a big shift.”

At least Madison still has his career, his fame, and — presumably — a sizable paycheck! After a couple of seasons on the sidelines, he returned to _Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles _ as a full-time cast member in Season 9, and Season 10 premiered tonight, Nov. 2, on Bravo.