Meet the Roh Habibi, the star of Million Dollar Listing San Francisco!

Roh’s inspirational story is fuled by family, passion and a dream. As the youngest cast member of Bravo’s MDLSF, his heartwarming journey, humble beginnings, and desire to succeed will surely inspire fans to root for him. Roh is primed to be the breakout star of the show, and we sat down with him to find out more!

1) What makes your show unique in the franchise?

San Francisco has a completely different vibe than the other iterations of the series and that makes it fun to watch. The city is very quiet, and un assuming, until the veils come off and you see the inner workings of how fabulous the SF Bay Area is to live. Our real estate is very eclectic, unique and totally different than anything you’ve seen before.

2) What does your typical day look like?

I wake up early before sunrise, sometimes with my daughter’s foot in my face as she’s crying, other times by a real alarm clock. I say my prayers, and meditate, hit the gym, come back home to cook my wife breakfast, and then I head off to the office. I used to pride myself at being the first one at the office, but life needs balance, so no I am there at 9 a.m. sharp. After getting through the phone calls and emails, I take new listing appointments, buyer showings, and new client consultations. I have a dinner or an event every night to socialize and meet new clients, and then I cap off the evening back at my office and generally work until 12 a.m.

3) Who are your favorite designers?

I love Etro, their pocket squares are the best. Beckett & Robb Made to Measure menswear is incredible.
Hermes belts, Goyard travel trunks, Louis Vuitton leather accessories, Tom Ford sunglasses, everything YSL.

roh habibi

4) Who is the most dramatic cast member?

Andrew is by far the most dramatic and ostentatious.

5) Why do you think San Francisco is the greatest city in the world?

You can truly be who you are, comfortable in your skin, let your personality shine with almost no judgment. The economy is flourishing and the real estate is one-of-a-kind.

6) Who is your favorite cast member on the other MDL shows?

LA: Josh Altman
NY: Ryan Serhant
Miami: Chris Leavitt

7) Is there any drama this season?

This season is filled with drama! You’ll be hooked after watching one episode!

8) Favorite vacation spot?

Hawaii! The islands have a peaceful vibe, the people are down to earth and kind, and of course there’s the surf, sun and good food.

9) Favorite San Francisco neighborhood?

Marina. I am a fan of the nice weather, outdoor activities, walkability and overall safety.

10) Favorite restaurant in the city?

The Bimini Twist.

Million Dollar Listing San Francisco premieres tonight on Bravo at 10/9c.