We first met Marla McCants in 2015 on the season finale of My 600-lb Life. The Nashville native was kidnapped and held hostage by her ex-boyfriend — which is when her weight spiraled out of control to nearly 800 pounds.

At the time, doctors believed she was only months, if not weeks away from dying. During her episode, she said, “My weight has condemned me to this bed.” Yet, despite gastric bypass surgery and an extended hospital stay, she refused to let doctors help her stand. It wasn’t until the mother-of-three realized this was her last chance to live that she finally sought help.

marla 'my 600-lb life' before

The now 45-year-old revealed she never had issues with weight when she was younger, but her eating got out of control after she tried to break up with her boyfriend, who “lost it” and kidnapped her. He held Marla at gunpoint and shot two officers before she ultimately escaped.

After the traumatizing incident, Marla refused to leave her house because she was terrified her ex would kill her. By the time they caught him, however, she had ballooned to over 700 pounds after coping with the stress through food consumption. “The kidnapping changed my life forever, and I wish I could take that day back,” she said.

marla 'my 600-lb life'

Marla in May 2016.

At the end of her episode, Marla weighed 534 pounds — a 266-pound transformation. She said, “I’m so proud of myself. I got myself into [this situation]; I can get myself out.” That positivity is what helped her drop even more weight after cameras stopped rolling.

Today, she’s down to 330 pounds, and has plans for skin removal surgery. This means that since her journey began, Marla’s lost an incredible 470 pounds! Keep killin’ it girl — you’re an inspiration to us all.

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