Olivia Rodrigo had major guts to recreate Nicole Kidman’s iconic AMC Theatre advertisement. Good thing the Oscar-winning actress thought the video was brilliant – and so did her kids!

The pop star, 21, had fun before a show in Montreal and busted out her acting skills before later uploading the spoof to TikTok on Wednesday, March 27. The video kicked off after Olivia walked down the steps of the venue as she recited Nicole’s opening line.

“We’ve come to this place for magic. We come to AMC Theatres to laugh, to cry – to care,” the “Vampire” singer mouthed as she sat in a seat in the audience. In the next clip, the former Disney star sat while holding a massive bag of popcorn before finishing the entire monologue.

Nicole, 56, caught wind of the TikTok video rather quickly and reposted it on her Instagram Stories and gushed over the silly clip.

“You just won me some major points with my girls! Adore you @oliviarodrigo xx,” the Big, Little Lies actress wrote.

Olivia Comments
Olivia Rodrigo/ TikTok

Nicole shares daughters Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose with husband Keith Urban.

The Nine Perfect Strangers star wasn’t the only one to get a kick out of Olivia’s comedic act as fans flooded the singer’s comments section with virtual laughter.

“OLIVIA ATE SO ICONICLY,” one person wrote as another fan commented, “the nicole kidman ad ur so unserious [sic].”

Nicole’s camp commercial was released in 2021 following the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the introduction of the advertisement that Olivia recited, Nicole says, “Because we need that, all of us. That indescribable feeling we get when the lights begin to dim. And we go somewhere we’ve never been before; not just entertained, but somehow reborn. Together.”

“Dazzling images, on a huge silver screen. Sound that I can feel. Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this,” she continues. “Our heroes feel like thе best part of us, and stories feel perfect and powerful. Because here, they are. AMC theaters, We make movies better.”

Although Nicole’s monologue was humorous to most, she revealed that she took the offer to join the AMC campaign to give back to the theatre.

“I’ve had the best experiences in cinema. I’d pretend I was going to school; I’d forge a note, and I’d go and sit in a movie theater,” Nicole told Elle earlier this month. “That’s a safe haven for me, so the idea of those not existing – that’s just not part of the equation in my lifetime.”