YouTube stars and twins Niki and Gabi DeMartino are giving fans a glimpse at what they look like without makeup!

The vloggers recently made a video titled "OPPOSITE MAKEUP TUTORIALS: Edgy Twin vs Girly Twin." The siblings admitted that makeup tutorials are frequently requested from viewers.

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"We're Niki and Gabi — twins but completely opposite in our makeup and styles," they shared with fans. "Niki is the edgy twin, Gabi is the girly twin. In this you learn how to do Niki's infamous smokey eye, and Gab's notorious girly glam makeup look!"

Not only do the girls put a ton of time and effort into their makeup looks, but you'd hardly recognize them barefaced. Niki and Gabi boast over five million subscribers to their YouTube channel and already have over 800,000 views on their new video. Clearly, fans are interested in what these two have to say.

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"We started making videos before YouTube was even a thing on our little MacBooks when they were white and plastic back in 2008," the twins explained. "And we would carry the webcam around our house and just make music videos…Yeah and it started from there, and then we started putting them on YouTube, and we made our beauty channel from that."

We hope to see more tutorials from them in the future!