Making strides! Total Bellas mama Nikki Bella revealed she is already close to hitting her pre-pregnancy weight on Wednesday, October 7. “13 pounds away from pre-baby weight,” the 36-year-old wrote over a short video of herself on the elliptical. “Forgot my sports bra so this was a painful 20-minute ride. LOL!”

Nikki first revealed her postpartum weight loss journey on September 7, five weeks after giving birth to her sweet son, Matteo, whom she shares with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev. At the time, she had 18 pounds to lose in order to reach her goal — but she assured fans she planned on doing it in the “healthiest way possible” as she continues to breast-feed her newborn.


“Giving my son the most amazing nutrition is No. 1,” she explained on Instagram. “So, there’s going to be no crash diets. There’s going to be no starving myself. It’s going to be bringing workouts back in and healthy nutrition, which I have been doing. Of course, I cheat here and there, the normal. But yeah, I really wanted you all to be on this journey with me because I’ve gotta give it to all you moms. It isn’t easy and it isn’t easy seeing your body change physically, mentally, all the changes of postpartum. I feel you and we’re exhausted on top of it, so it’s not like we’re getting our beauty sleep.”

On the October 7 episode of Nikki’s “The Bellas Podcast,” the former wrestler revealed she backslid a little on her weight loss goals over the course of a few days recently — but she came back hard.

“I was 12 [pounds] away from baby weight about four or five days ago and I was really proud,” she told twin sister and cohost Brie Bella. “And then I’ve had some fun — I wouldn’t even say it was fun — exhausted and overwhelmed. So I did some Postmating instead of cooking. Now I’m 15 [pounds] away from post-baby which is fine. I did cardio today. I told myself like, you gotta start working out now. So today I’ve started and I’m just gonna try to fit it in. I just did 20 minutes today, and look, 20 minutes can be a game-changer.”

The ladies also noted they plan to watch themselves around pumpkin spice lattes, as the seasonal favorite is “back” for a few months. “We’re addicted,” Nikki gushed. Congrats, mama — you’re killing it!