Nikki Bella's Baby Bump
Courtesy of Nikki Bella/ Instagram

Halfway there! Nikki Bella took to her Instagram Story on Friday, March 20, to reveal she’s currently five and a half months pregnant.

“20 weeks yesterday,” the 36-year-old captioned a selfie, in which she showed off her baby bump in a black, tight-fitting dress. Needless to say, the Total Bellas star is glowing!

Nikki has been very open throughout her pregnancy sharing all the changes she’s gone through, including gaining weight. “It’s, like, right here at the bottom,” the mom-to-be said regarding her growing tummy in an Instagram Story posted in January.

“I love it,” she added. “I found out my placenta is, like, right at the top, right at the front — not on the back. But, um, yeah, it’s so crazy to watch it grow and the scale, which I’m getting used to. But, I’m embracing it. I love it because my baby is in there.”

While Nikki is OK with weight-gain, there are some downsides to the pregnancy, such as lack of sleep. “Hey, you guys,” she began on a March 8 IG Story. “So, I’m trying to get sleep tonight. The past three nights, I barely slept. Last time, I think I may have gotten four [hours]. Right now, I’m trying myself to sleep on my side because I’m about to be 19 weeks.”

Unfortunately, getting proper rest will be more of a challenge as her pregnancy progresses. “I’m a back sleeper, and it’s been so tough,” she continued at the time. “It’s just … sleeping has sucked, and I’m getting super run-down because of it. I feel like I’m getting another head cold and so I just really need rest. OK, well, I hope you all sleep really well and you guys have sweet dreams. Night.”

Luckily, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives, especially since Nikki is getting to share the same experiences with twin, Brie Bella. “Nikki and Brie are close, but the fact that they’re both pregnant at the same time has bonded them like never before,” an insider exclusively shared with Life & Style in February.Brie’s done it before so Nikki is getting the benefit of having her best friend and sister to lean on for support and pregnancy advice.” How sweet!