No BS! That’s the tagline for the body positivity campaign started by Whitney Thore before she became the star of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life — and after she decided that she wouldn’t let her weight stop her from living her best life. But even though Whitney completely embodies her message just by living out her everyday life, fans are still wondering what her No Body Shame campaign is really all about. Keep reading below to find out more about No BS!

What is No Body Shame?

According to the definition on the official website, “No Body Shame is a global movement founded by Whitney Way Thore in 2014 to help people of every variety live their lives fully, passionately, and free of shame.” Body shame is when someone makes critical comments about another person that make that person feel humiliated by their own body, and Whitney has been very open and very honest about her own experience with body shame in her lifetime.

Why did Whitney start No BS?

As a child and a teen, Whitney always struggled with her body image and weight but things got worse when she was diagnosed with PCOS in college and as a result, she gained 100 pounds within her first year at school. Because she felt ashamed of her body, Whitney allowed it to stop her from doing what she loves most — dance — but after spending a few years hiding in her house, she decided that she will not let other people’s views on her body stop her from loving herself and living her life.

What is Whitney’s No BS message?

In 2015, Whitney created a video that highlighted the core message of her campaign. “There’s no wrong way to have a body. We are more than the sum of our parts, we are more than someone else’s expectations of us. Don’t let them tell you can’t do. You are limitless,” she told the camera.