The shade! North West proved she takes after dad Kanye West when it comes to saying exactly what is on her mind. She dissed her mom, Kim Kardashian, for allegedly lying about being a huge fan of Olivia Rodrigo‘s music.

Olivia’s team sent the reality star a big collection of merchandise in support of her new album, Sour. Kim posted the video to her Instagram stories where she showed off the swag and gushed, “How cute is Olivia Rodrigo, you guys. I can’t wait for her album.”

“You know I love ‘Drivers License,” Kim continued, referring to Olivia’s hit ballad. As the 40-year-old picked up a customized tissue box to cry her eyes out to over the song, North, 7, could be heard sassing to her mom, “You never listen to her!”

North West Hilariously Roasts Mom Kim Kardashian Over Olivia Rodrigo: 'You Never Listen to Her'

“Yes, I do. I listen to it all the time,” Kim quickly snapped back, adding “Stop North!” before her daughter could go any further with her claims. The KKW Beauty founder then asked her son Saint West, 5, for backup in proving that she really is a fan of Olivia, 18.

“Saint, don’t we listen to it all the time in the car? Yes!” Kim emphatically declared. “Can you say that louder for the people to hear?” she asked, after his first response was muffled.

“Do I listen to it all the time Saint?” Kim asked once again, and her son backed her up with a hearty “Yes!” The SKIMS founder then said, “What a cutie,” about Olivia, and pointed her phone down to a handwritten letter from the Disney star.

It read, “Kim, thank you so much for supporting my music. It means the absolute world. I just adore you and I wanted to give you a few goodies to celebrate the release of my 1st album SOUR. Sending you and your fam so much love,” Olivia wrote, then signed the note with a heart next to her name. At least Kim loved the gesture, even if North questioned her fandom towards Olivia.