Pamela Anderson’s son Brandon Lee brought the untold story of her life to light after he produced Pamela: A Love Story, released in January. Now, he’s astonished by the film’s positive “impact ” on his mother’s life.

“I wasn’t necessarily out to make a film that made her look her best. I was just going to tell the truth,” Brandon, whom Pamela shares with ex-husband Tommy Lee, said in an August 16 interview. “People will come up to her and say things like, ‘I used to not like you, I used to think you did all this stuff for fame and personal gain, but I like you. You’re a real person.’ To know that a film, telling a story, can have a real impact on someone’s life, that’s the real payoff.”

The Netflix documentary was an instant hit and gave fans a deeper glimpse into Pamela’s life beyond her party-filled life in the spotlight. Viewers learned about her past traumatic experiences in her life, including her infamous sex tape with Tommy and occurrences from old journal entries.

“Her life just got away from her, and she never had the opportunity to rein it back in — until now,” Brandon, 27, explained, adding, ​”Learning that she was a romantic and loved love and was a risk taker and just a good person down to her core? That’s the real stuff that just shines through.”

Pamela: A Love Story was so raw that it received two Emmy nominations for Best Documentary or Nonfiction Special and Best Documentary Music Composition. Brandon “couldn’t believe” the exciting news but admitted it “wasn’t his goal” to be nominated for an award while working on the family project.

Pamela Anderson's Son Brandon Lee Says Documentary 'Impacted' Her
Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage

In fact, he produced the documentary to shed light on a “small-town girl who showed up in L.A. and got completely mistreated and misused and hurt.”

“She isn’t a creation. And now people know that she’s just this nice, small-town girl who wants to relax with her dogs and hang out in her garden,” he admitted.

Pamela, 56, had the full support of sons Brandon and Dylan Lee when the documentary was released, and they even accompanied their legendary mother on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere.

The film debuted 11 months after the hit Hulu show Pam & Tommy ​was released without Pamela’s ​blessing or involvement. The scripted series showcased the rise and fall of the former Hollywood couple’s marriage and primarily focused on the leak of their stolen sex tape. Pam and Tommy, 60, got married in 1995 and divorced three years later after welcoming their sons.

While it was questionable as to why the Hulu show and Netflix documentary dropped within less than a year of each other, Brandon claimed they were in the “process” of Pamela: A Love Story “way before” Pam & Tommy came out.

“But that was tough for her. It’s tough to watch your life and things that were traumatic in your own life being played out on TV for everyone to watch and laugh about. That’s so painful. But when you’re famous, your life becomes public domain,” he explained. “A judge basically deemed her ‘public property.’ But we got through it, just like we kind of get through everything. She’s so tough and positive, and always looking toward the next good things, which is such a great aspect about her.”