All natural! Ree Drummond, known by fans as “The Pioneer Woman,” denied using Ozempic for weight loss after losing more than 50 pounds.

In a Tuesday, March 12, Facebook post, Ree, 55, shared that she had updated a blog post which she originally wrote in 2021 detailing her weight loss journey.

“I wrote an updated paragraph or two and added a couple of additional things I did NOT to do [sic] lose the weight…just in case it’s helpful!” Ree wrote in a Facebook post with the link to the updated article attached.

In her March 2024 update, Ree clarified that she “did not take Ozempic, Wegovy, or similar medications” to lose weight.

“For me, the simple, boring truth is that when I set out to lose weight in January of 2021, I had never heard of that class of drugs,” she admitted. “And to be honest, if I had heard of them and had seen all the results that are out there, I might have been tempted to try them.”

The cookbook author added that she “support[s] anyone” who “has success” with the off-label use of drugs like Ozempic.

“I know they have been an absolute godsend for so many people; I have friends who’ve experienced incredible results,” she wrote. “You’ll never hear a second of judgment from me about people who choose that direction!”

Ree maintained that she had shed “some serious pounds” by making lifestyle changes such as eating fewer calories, weighing her food, ​cutting out alcohol and exercising.

In her initial blog post, the Food Network star wrote that she did not adhere to any special diet, such as keto or intermittent fasting, and did not take “weight loss gummies.” She also did not join a weight loss program.

“The biggest takeaway, which I don’t always adhere to, is trying not to waste calories,” Ree told Today during an October 2023 interview. “I could eat a plate of delicious food with different elements and colors and flavor, or I could eat a donut.”

In her 2021 blog post, Ree noted that her weight loss journey was still a work in progress, but that “it isn’t about the weight loss” for her.

“It’s more about how I feel after a few months of regular exercise, more moving, and more mindful eating,” she explained. “Feeling good is really all that matters, and because of that, the weigh-ins are becoming less and less important to me.”