Kris Jenner is an absolute powerhouse. She’s popped out seven kids, manages all of them, and still looks absolutely stunning at 63 years old. Still, even the most iconic people have insecurities, and Kris’ have been on full display lately as she’s been rocking sunglasses to indoor and evening events. Luckily, board-certified New York plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, spoke exclusively with Life & Style about Kris, and he says the sunglasses vibe may not be permanent.

“It appears that Kris has resurfaced her face with laser treatments, which has minimized the look of fine lines around her eyes,” said Dr. Rowe, who has never treated Kris, after comparing photos of her from October 2018 and last year. A source recently told Heat Magazine that Kris “knows people will gossip about her surgery so she decided to cover up by wearing sunglasses,” but he says it doesn’t appear she’s ever had botched work done. “She looks like she should look after laser treatments,” he explained.

kris jenner 2017 vs 2018
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Kris Jenner in 2017 (left) Vs. 2018 (right).

But he thinks surgery might be exactly why she’s wearing the glasses. “It’s possible that she has just undergone another treatment and is trying to cover up the area,” he theorized. “Patients I treat for eye rejuvenation routinely wear sunglasses for a week or two after treatment. The typical recovery time for eye procedures is 4-7 days for a laser skin resurfacing and 7-10 days for surgery.” Kris was first spotted wearing sunglasses at night on Nov. 2 leaving dinner, and then again at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Nov. 8, and E!’s People’s Choice Awards on Nov. 11. So it is possible that she may have been recovering in that time period. We haven’t seen her since, but we’re sure she looks beautiful either way.

The source also told Heat that “Kris always feels insecure when she’s at events that she can’t fully control, and where she knows there’ll be a lot of scrutiny on her, especially standing beside her daughters, who always look perfect.” If she really is still feeling bad about her eye area, Dr. Rowe says she has a few options. “To further rejuvenate the eye area, she can have a surgical eyelift (blepharoplasty) to remove extra skin and reduce bagginess,” he said. “Or receive additional laser treatments to reduce wrinkles and discoloration.” Personally, we don’t think she needs to do anything to that stunning face of hers, but we support her choices 100%. Keep slaying, Kris.