Anything to make his wife smile! Prince Harry is totally living up to his title and treating Duchess Megan (née Markle) like true royalty. The 35-year-old is all about surprising the brunette beauty, 38, with sweet gestures that include anything from lending an extra hand with their son, Archie, to planning spa days.

“Whenever Meghan’s exhausted, Harry looks after Archie so that she can rest up,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “Even though they have a nanny, Harry’s very much a hands-on dad and spends every free minute with his son.” Fans got to see a glimpse of Harry and Archie’s sweet bond during their Africa tour, which kicked off in September. The 5-month-old was nothing but smiles when his dad was near. Clearly, Harry is doing an amazing job as a dad and as a husband too.

Meghan Markle Wearing Purple at theOne Young World Summit Opening Ceremony

Besides helping with Archie, the duke loves showing his lady affection. “Harry’s got a huge heart and loves seeing Meghan’s face light up when he surprises her with romantic gestures,” the insider added. “Beautiful bouquets of peonies, candlelit suppers, rose petals in the bathtub. They don’t necessarily need to be pricey. It’s the thought that counts.”

It doesn’t stop there! Harry ensures both he and Meghan can unwind together. “Harry has organized couples spa treatments to help them relax.” Aw, it’s safe to say he really is Prince Charming.

In addition, the couple is apparently traveling soon to take a much-needed break from all their royal duties and the chaos that comes with it. “Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Harry and Meghan will only be making a few appearances so they’ll be able to wind down and reset for the new year,” a second insider exclusively told Life & Style. “They’re looking forward to spending some quality family time together, and Harry’s planning lots of romantic surprises for Meghan to help her switch off.”

Of course, Harry had a specific reason for planning this upcoming mini getaway, and it’s honestly so sweet. “Prince Harry’s number one priority is his family and their wellbeing,” the source added. “With all the negativity surrounding the couple, Meghan’s struggling to cope — she’s been incredibly homesick and misses her family and friends like crazy.”

We bet they’re going to have the best time!