Leave it to Rachel Lindsay to go totally nontraditional when it comes to her wedding attire! The stunning Bachelorette star revealed that while she will wear white to walk down the aisle with Bryan Abasolo, her wedding day wardrobe won’t include a dress at all!

“I know I don’t want to wear a dress, I’d rather wear a suit,” she revealed to Us Weekly during her engagement party. “I want a high-waisted pant, maybe like satin… silk might be a little too much and then I want it to go down, I want wide leg…I want maybe like a lacy top, very sexy, and then a blazer, but maybe with shoulder pads, just very sexy.” Okay, this we need to see!

Luckily her hubby is totally into it, though she does have some naysayers in the family! “Bryan’s all about it, [but] it’s the mothers who aren’t into the suit. His mom would love for me to be in a dress and my mom is like, ‘Rachel, stop. You’re just doing too much,’” she shared.

It sounds like Rachel has put a lot of thought into the wedding, even though a date hasn’t been revealed yet. And she’s already fantasizing about shocking fans with her hairdo! “I think people see me wear my hair down so much, I think I would do something, maybe like a low, messy bun, which is actually what I had at the proposal, but it was so windy that it turned into this tousled mess. I think I would do some sort of messy bun or maybe an updo because you don’t get to see that,” she said. “Pull the hair away from my face and then with makeup, I think I’d go softer, you know? Try to look as innocent as possible.”

But where will all of this happen? Turns out, it might be an international affair! “Someone said the other day, ‘What about having the wedding in Columbia?’ and actually that’s a thought that we’re thinking about right now,” she explained. Columbia is where her hubby Bryan hails from, so we think that would be perfect! While we can’t wait to see the suit, Rachel has made it clear that she cares most about “good music, good vibes, a lot of family and friends around, and I just want it to be a big reunion!”