So far, only three episodes of RelationShep have aired, and fans already think they know what's going to happen! Southern Charm star Shep Rose went on a whirlwind cross-country tour during which his pals set him up on blind dates. He then shipped his five favorites down to South Carolina to live in a house with each other (because THAT'S a good idea). Here's what we can tell you about the ladies. WARNING: A few spoilers below!

Is Peyton the girl of Shep's dreams?

"Word on the street is Peyton from #RelationShep is on next season of #SouthernCharm?" one fan tweeted. If that turns out to be true, then the only conceivable reason would be that she's now Shep's girlfriend after the show ended. Unfortunately, many fans aren't vibing with that at all. "Ugh. Bad choice @Bravotv. Bad choice. #Disappointed," one fan wrote, while another said, "Peyton needs to go. Girl you're so pretty, stop looking and acting so damn desperate."

Bella is definitely the fan fave.

Though there's no reason to assume Bella wins the show, many fans love her already. "@ShepRose just watching this week's episode of RelationShep. Your supper with Bella = awesome in so many ways. Serious and funny. Totally Shep," said a fan. "I really like you and Bella. Peyton is a good match too but I think Bella is more mature," another agreed.

Could producer Sarah be the dark horse in this competition?

The season trailer for RelationShep definitely alludes to a possible surprise romance between Shep and producer-turned-close-pal Sarah, who also worked on Season 1 of Southern Charm. Sarah is responsible, understanding, and has no problem with tough love, so as you can imagine, she's really exactly what Shep needs. "So… he’s with Sarah right?" a fan asked on Twitter. "RelationShep is basically 52 min of me wondering when @ShepRose is gonna ask his producer out," another admitted. "7 minutes into episode 2 and I can already tell that @ShepRose is in love with Sarah all along," a third person added. We could definitely see this whole show being a ruse to publicize Shep's new relationship with Sarah, but we'll just have to wait and see!

Or does Shep end up alone?

Of course, Shep is a notorious bachelor, and has been clear in the past about not wanting to settle down, even though he's 37 years old. One redditor thinks she found evidence that he does, in fact, end up alone. "I feel like Andy [Cohen] accidentally let us in on the outcome. When he had Stassi [Schroeder] and Shep on WWHL he said he was trying to get the two together and asked Shep if he’d be into it. If Shep had really found love on RelationShep, he wouldn’t be thinking of Shep as being available anymore to even suggest it." Of course, another had an answer for that. "I felt the same way but then again I think Andy strategically says things and uses reverse psychology," they stated.