Lindsey Metselaar of the popular ‘We Met At Acme’ podcast and Instagram partnered with NET10 Wireless®  to share her advice to some of the top virtual dating questions.

Lindsay Metselaar

L&S: How can I keep my virtual dates fresh and fun?
 You have to switch things up! Try reaching out to new people or join a group that brings together people you share common interests with. If you and the person you’re talking to like the same type of food then order delivery for both of you and enjoy it together through a video-chat.

L&S: What are the benefits of virtual dating?
LM: One key benefit of virtual dating is that it’s more cost-effective than traditional dating. Think about how expensive it can be paying for transportation to and from dates, racking up your tab at a bar, or buying dinner at the hot new restaurant. There are plenty of ways to imitate a standard date for less money. Consider having a virtual cook-off making a new meal, make your favorite cocktails together or simply watch a new show together via video-chat.

If you’re looking for ways to cut back on costs during this time, consider switching to a no-contract wireless provider to help on your dating journey. With plans starting as low as $20 per month, NET10 Wireless has a variety of unlimited talk and text plans with varying amounts of high-speed data – and deals on great smartphones, such as the iPhone 7 for $199.99. It’s a smart and easy way to save money while seeing what’s out there!

Net10 Wireless

L&S: Is there such a thing as liking someone too soon when dating virtually?
Not at all – and this goes for virtual dating and traditional dating! You deserve to feel how you want, so do not be afraid of it. However, for your virtual love interests, be sure to keep your expectations realistic for when you finally get to meet in person for the first time.

L&S: If you’ve only been talking to someone for a month and they want to introduce you to their family via video-chat. Is that normal or is it too soon?
LM: With the way things are right now, it is perfectly normal. Especially if you are living with your family, it’s nice to show the other person a glimpse into your reality. A simple introduction and brief conversation will go far. 

L&S: How can I improve my video-chat dates?
LM: My number one rule is making sure the lighting is good! Lighting is key to setting the scene for your virtual date. Also, consider ditching the computer and use your smartphone. With your smartphone, you’re not locked to one location – you have the flexibility to change your scenery to keep the conversation interesting.

A strong connection is also essential (with the person and your smartphone!). You wouldn’t want a lack of a connection to hinder the outcome of your date. With a reliable wireless service like NET10 Wireless, you can get nationwide coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks – all with no contract or mystery fees.

Lindsey Metselaar

L&S: The person looks significantly different on video-chat than in their dating app or social media pics. How do you handle this?
LM: I feel like this happens all the time. People are going to use their best photos on dating profiles and social channels. Don’t be surprised by this – if you’re still attracted to them and still vibe with them, that’s all the matters.

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