When it comes to shy celebrities, Rihanna hardly fits the bill! In fact, the “Work” singer, 31, is all about putting herself out there. However, when it comes to RiRi’s relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, she’s more reserved. “Their dates are very low-key,” a source tells Life & Style of the striking pair, adding that Hassan is “very private.” 

“She loves that he’s not looking for attention, but she also wants to show her handsome man off to the world,” explains the insider. “She respects his wishes, but she would really like her fans to see what she sees in him. He’s hot, he’s funny, he loves music, he makes her happy and most importantly, he can put up with her nonsense.”

Rihanna with Hassan Jameel

Sounds like a keeper, if you ask us! So much so, that RiRi is thinking about starting a family with Hassan. “I know for a fact that she would love to be a mom. She can’t wait to have kids. In fact, she wants a daughter first,” an additional insider told Life & Style exclusively on December 3. “When she does finally decide to have a child, she says you’ll see more than just a little bump because she won’t even try hiding it. She’ll embrace it.”

Don’t get too excited just yet, though! Hassan has one major condition before they start trying. “Maybe 2020 will be her year, but her boyfriend definitely wants to be married first,” the source said. 

Rihanna at The British Fashion Awards
David Fisher/Shutterstock

Well, considering Hassan is a billionaire and Rihanna is worth a whopping $600 million, they definitely will have zero trouble financing a wedding — heck, they could finance 10 weddings! That said, Rihanna doesn’t let the extravagant wealth she’s surrounded by get to her head.

“Rihanna came from humble beginnings and worked like crazy to get to where she is today,” a separate source divulged to Life & Style magazine, on newsstands now. “She’s still the same person she was 20 years ago. She’s richer, but fame hasn’t changed her personality.”

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