The saga continues. Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Jen Harley reportedly got into a fight on Thursday, June 7, in Las Vegas after the mother-of-one showed up at the hotel where the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast was filming Season 2. At the time, a source told Us Weekly that the couple had been fighting over their daughter, Ariana Sky. Jen allegedly "lunged, spit, and shoved Ronnie," and a few weeks later, she was reportedly arrested for domestic battery after dragging Ronnie with a car.

However, new details have emerged about the car incident that led to her arrest. Us Weekly reports that the police officer called to the scene "observed minor cuts, scratches, and dried blood on Harley," but she "refused medical attention and photographs were taken." The police report continues to say, "Harley made statements that they were leaving a party and Ortiz started acting erratically in the passenger seat as she was driving.”

According to the report, Jen “claimed that Ortiz tried to grab the steering wheel and that is when she drove over the median popping the tires." However, Ronnie alleges that Jen "hit him in the face with her right fist two-five times" while she was driving, and drove the car away while he was still holding onto it. She then came back to get him, the report claims.

The police officer reportedly found him alone in the car with "injuries to the mouth and arms, and road rash," and noted that "there was blood all over the center console and insider [sic] of the car as well as smears along the driver side." Jen reportedly had a friend pick up their daughter before the police came.

A spokesperson from the Clark County District Attorney’s Office previously confirmed to Us Weekly that they "will not be going forward with the case" because of "insufficient evidence," so Jen will not face charges.

Ronnie and Jen’s drama first erupted back when Jen watched scenes of Ron seemingly cheating on her with a girl he met at a club. Jen, at the time, was still pregnant with their daughter. Then in April, the two went through a public breakup on social media after Ron accused his baby mama of being unfaithful to him. “Note to self, can’t turn a natural born H-E into a HOUSE WIFE,” he said on Instagram. Jen responded with her own post, writing, “Can’t turn a cokehead into a father!” Shortly after, Ronnie deleted his posts and apologized for his behavior.

Recently, the couple has kept a low profile on social media, but it’s clear from Jen’s Instagram stories that they still speak and co-parent Ariana. However, their latest fight might be a sign that could change.