Those who followed Celebrity Big Brother know Ross Mathews was ready to get all the tea from fellow contestant Omarosa Manigault about her time in the White House with President Donald Trump. The Apprentice alum was serving as an aide until she left her position in January — and had no problem opening up about her experience on the CBS reality series.

“I’m obsessed with Omarosa’s time in the White House with Trump. I want to know everything, and she’s given like, one interview with like, Good Morning America, and no shade, but there were clearly rules about what could be asked and couldn’t be asked,” Ross shared via phone.

“So here I had this opportunity to really scoop. I knew if I did this, there would be headlines around the world if I could get her to say something she never said. I just interviewed her as if we were sitting down with compassion, asking the kind of questions I don’t think anyone from the White House has really been asked. Has anyone really asked the question we all want to know, which is, ‘Are we gonna be okay?’ That is the number one question on the minds of my family, of families across the country — and her answer was NO, which shocked the hell out of me.”

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The Ru Paul’s Drag Race judge also revealed that his relationship with Omarosa surprised him the most out of all the bonds he formed in the house. “I figured out that there are two Omarosas and they are both authentic. She is the best at what she does, and I almost got like, an odd appreciation for it, you know? I’d watch her turn on and turn off. It was pretty cool.” NGL — we are all living for this friendship!

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