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Just A Reminder That Ron And Sam’s Relationship Is Still The Most Toxic ‘Jersey Shore’ Has Ever Seen

If you’re at all shocked or hurt by Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola abstaining from Jersey Shore Family Vacation take a step back, because we do not need another season of Sammi and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro having temper tantrums at each other. Though their on-again off-again saga was no doubt a reason to tune in the early days of Jersey Shore, it quickly escalated into one of the most horrifying portrayals of a toxic relationship on television… possibly even more so than Ron’s current relationship with his baby mama, Jen Harley.

And no, we don’t feel dramatic using that terminology. We’re willing to take a stance and say that Ronnie, with his serial cheating and constant roid rage, was the villain in that particular pairing. He was constantly berating, name-calling, and pretty much threatening his girlfriend driving her to those now-iconic serenades of “Raaaahn Staaahp.” She never deserved that kind of treatment, end of. However, both personalities were exceptionally belligerent and only fed into each other. Maybe they loved each other — you can love someone and be aggressively wrong for them. But the proper response for their 2014 (final) break-up was a huge sigh of relief.

And look, there’s no doubt their ups and downs (mostly downs) were dramatized for the camera. From the spray tans to the extensions to the literal plotlines, Jersey Shore was never renowned for being exceptionally real. However, what makes the core couple a thousand times less romantic than your Rosses-and-Rachels or Carries-and-Bigs is that they weren’t fictional. These were two people trashing each other’s lives in front of the whole world. So yeah, why would Sammi ever want to relive that?

Why would ANY of us?

But if you still actually need us to sit you down and explain why Sammi and Ronnie were always a hard couple to root for, let’s revisit the truly horrifying lowlights of their mostly on-screen relationship.