If there’s one group of people who truly understand the sheer joy of laying on the couch and doing nothing, it would be moms. Being a mother is a full-time gig and you don’t always have time to cook up that piping hot meal you want because, well, other s—t is going down! Our fave new mama Kylie Jenner seems to be starting to understand the value of convenience because she signed up for the food delivery app Postmates in 2018 and racked up quite the bill — she spent $10k over the course of the year on good ole deliv’.

When it comes to the 21-year-old’s delivery history, you could say it’s about as varied as your bagel spot options in NYC. She likes everything. Matcha lattes, Don Julio Añejo 1942 tequila (her most expensive order), spaghetti bolognese. But, speaking of bagel spots, you can usually count on her to make a regular breakfast order around 10 a.m., when she feeds her bagel with cream cheese fix.

Obviously ordering takeout is all about ease, so we were pretty unsurprised to find out that Ky’s smallest order was a bottle of Smartwater and a single carrot. Yeah, you heard us right. Listen, we aren’t ones to judge, OK? But we just hope that was the best carrot of Miss Jenner’s life, y’all.

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She was even in delivery mode just before the arrival of her sweet baby girl, Stormi Webster. Her orders in the week before giving birth on February 1 included Oreo McFlurrys, 10pc chicken nuggets, and french fries. Talk about pregnancy cravings!

According to the company, Kylie has joined the top percentile of customers in the last year by using the app, on average, every other day of the year while ordering from a range of 65 different spots. Damn, girl. Plus, she holds unofficial record for most Postmates orders in a ten-minute window — a whopping four orders. Damn, girl!

Lucky for us, Postmates has a blog called The Receipt, which gives us lowly plebeian Postmaters insight on some of the biggest names that utilize the app. Come on, who doesn’t want to know the weird stuff their favorite famous folks’ order? Thanks for satisfying that urge, guys.