Miss Kylie Jenner knows what she wants for Valentine’s Day, y’all, and it’s not a measly box of chocolates! The KUWTK star, 21, revealed in her latest YouTube video that she’s hoping her baby daddy, Travis Scott, will give her with some jewelry come February 14. Do you know what qualifies as jewelry? An engagement ring!

During her “Valentine’s Rapid Fire Questions,” the makeup mogul was given the choice between a teddy bear or jewelry. Kylie said: “I mean, jewelry, obviously, right?” Here’s the kicker, though, when she was done answering she smirked and looked at someone off camera. Was her rapper beau, 26, in the room? We don’t doubt it.

You guys, OMG, Ky and Trav might finally get engaged — we never thought the day would actually come! Before we get too excited, however, it is worth noting that Kylie’s mama, Kris Jenner, recently made it clear that she has zero knowledge of any upcoming marriage announcements. During a phone interview with the Kyle and Jackie O morning show, the hosts flat out asked the mother-of-six if there are “any wedding bells” in store for her youngest daughter and her man.

“They’re so great. They’re really terrific. Not that I know of, so if you hear something you better call my cell,” she replied. No shade to Kylie or Jackie O, but Kris freakin’ Jenner would never and we mean NEVER announce that one of her children is getting married on someone’s radio show. Like, come on, she’s the most famous momager in the world, not a used car salesman. Have some respect, people.

That said, we’re betting Kris was just pulling a fast one … you know, like she did with Kylie’s hidden pregnancyWhich means, we have roughly three more weeks to emotionally prepare for Travis popping the question. The anticipation is killing us.