Harsh! Selena Gomez played a game on TikTok where she asked why she was single and got a brutal response about her taste in men.

The “Wolves” singer, 30, smiled as a red square reading “Why am I single?” sat atop her forehead. While answers such as “Fear of rejection” and “You’re too picky” scrolled past as Bonnie Tyler‘s “Holding Out for a Hero” song played, it eventually settled on the answer, “You have bad taste.” Selena’s mouth dropped in shock at the result.

“Well, that’s rude TikTok,” she wrote below the Thursday, July 13, video. Many fans agreed that they had the identical problem, with one writing, “Same sis, same,” and another adding, “Girl, I feel you, me too.”

One follower brought up Selena’s most significant relationships and blamed the failure on the quality of the romances but not her choices. “JB and The Weeknd weren’t bad taste, but they were toxic,” the person commented

Selena dated Justin Bieber on and off from 2011 through 2018. She had a 10-month relationship with Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye in 2018. That was the Only Murder in the Building star’s last serious public romance.

The Texas native was linked to singer Zayn Malik in March 2023 after they allegedly had a romantic dinner date in New York. A viral TikTok video had the user recounting the story from a friend who allegedly worked at the restaurant.

“Tell me how Selena Gomez and Zayn just walked into [restaurant] hand in hand making out and I seated them,” an unconfirmed text message from this apparent friend read.

Selena clarified her dating status in a June 8 TikTok video while sitting on the sidelines of a men’s amateur soccer game. “I’m single! I’m just a little high maintenance,” she yelled at the seemingly unaware players, adding, “But I’ll love you so.” 

The “Lose You to Love Me” songstress has shared how she’s fine being without a boyfriend in interviews over the years. “I am single and I‘m totally cool with that,” she told New! magazine in 2020. “There are a lot of positives to being single and it’s about enjoying them when you’re in that stage of life.”

Selena has lamented how her massive fame has impacted her ability to date. “I can’t meet someone and know if they like me for me,” she shared with Vogue in March 2021. “To be honest, I just want to start over. I want everything to be brand-new. I want someone to love me like I’m brand-new.”

The Spring Breakers star has made numerous jokes about how it’s harder to find love as she gets older. In an April 2022 TikTok, she mouthed lines that actress Leslie Mann delivered in the film The Other Woman, stating, “Last time I was single, I was 24, and the dating pool was everyone. And now it’s like, a shallow puddle of age-appropriate men who are old and gross and I don’t want to do that!”