Selena Gomez has a lot to smile about. Her infectious song “Single Soon” continues to dominate the charts and she took home her first VMA in 10 years for her collaboration with Rema on their smash hit “Calm Down” in mid-September. 

In early October, she celebrated the three-year anniversary of her makeup line, Rare Beauty, which is set to rake in more than $300 million in sales in 2023. “Selena is in a really good place,” an insider tells In Touch. “She’s happy and healthy and feeling stronger than she has in years.” 

The 31-year-old has come a long way. In 2016, the former Disney child star was forced to cancel the remaining dates of her Revival tour as her mental health spiraled. She revealed in 2020 she’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and in her 2022 documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, she opened up about her debilitating anxiety and depression as well as the lupus diagnosis that led to her 2017 kidney transplant. Now she’s using her voice for good, helping her young fans navigate their own mental health issues as she continues to work on herself. “Selena’s attitude is, ‘I want to be happy,’” says the insider. “She’s not ashamed of who she is and she’s not afraid to talk about what she’s been through.”

Feeling Herself

Currently the most-followed female on Instagram, the Texas native attributes her popularity to her relatability. Her 428 million followers agree. 

“I look at someone like a Beyoncé, and I am amazed,” Selena recently said. “My jaw drops. Every part of her is just impeccable … But I’m just not that, and that’s OK,” she added. “I’m me, and I’m a little silly, but I also like being sexy and fun, and I also want to do good with the time I have here. I’m just happy to be your best friend.”

The legions who look up to her — and reach out to her — feel the love. The singer, who regularly Zooms with groups of Rare Beauty users, has found her calling. “Connecting with fans gives her purpose,” says the insider. Especially reaching fans with mental-health issues. “I wanted there to be a conversation started,” Selena told Fast Company about being upfront about her bipolar diagnosis. “I wasn’t ashamed, and I wanted it to lead to something healing.”

No matter what, she keeps it real. “I’ve always been honest with my fans,” says Selena. “Even when I take breaks from social media, I’ll say I’m taking a break.” She took an extended one in 2018, after her breakup from on-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber. “I had just gotten my heart broken,” she’s said. “I didn’t need to see what everyone was doing. Then there were those moments of not feeling positive about how I looked.” 

Stepping away from social media helped give her a healthier perspective. “She knows there’s more to life than being a size 0,” says the insider. “She wants her fans to know that, too.”

Eyes on the Prize

Self-care remains a priority. “She’s got a lot on her plate, but she stays organized and sticks to a schedule,” says the insider of the star, currently working on her long-awaited fourth album. “She’s a hard worker, but she also knows her limits and gets plenty of rest and eats right.” 

She’s been on a few dates too but is keeping her love life private for now. “Selena thinks about marriage and kids and she’s open to settling down,” says the insider. “It’s all about timing.”