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Man! Shania Feels Like a Woman ~In a Bikini~: See the Queen of Country Pop’s Best Swimsuit Photos

The “Queen of Country Pop,” Shania Twain, was a fashion icon of the late 1990s. From head-to-toe leopard print ensembles to a black corset and matching top hat to the occasional bikini or swimsuit moment, the “From This Moment On” songstress is known for showing off her stunning figure, whether on stage or off! 

“In the country music genre, it was really rocking the boat – I thought I was just expressing my femininity,” Shania said during a March 2020 Sirius XM interview about donning sexy outfits in a male-dominated industry. “I don’t want to be judged for the shape of my body. That made me more determined to be honest, because I came to that, to my own … of having a very hourglass-y figure. I came to accept that very late.”

While she admits to being a tomboy growing up, she went on to admit that she “wanted to stay boyish.” 

“I didn’t embrace my changing body … I didn’t want to have curves. I was uncomfortable with it. Men looked at you differently,” she told host Lori Majewski. “I was the only teenager on the beach in shorts and a T-shirt … It was very uncomfortable to be a girl,” she added, acknowledging that she “missed out” but “doesn’t regret it.”

That same month, in a letter to her younger self which was shared via Refinery29, the Canadian-born superstar encouraged women everywhere to “dare to be yourself” and to worry less about conforming to fashion trends. 

“Be fearless … There’s only one you, so just be you. It’s a natural asset to use. Don’t lose focus of your vision,” she wrote. 

“If you can go braless, you should, and don’t worry so much,” the “I’m Gonna Getcha Good” singer added. “I would have worn a lot more things that I wanted to wear if I wasn’t concerned about wearing a bra. We were always told, ‘Never show your bra, never let the straps hang out, blah blah blah.’”

“I wish I could tell myself to be more comfortable with my body and less concerned about pressing everything in and strapping everything down,” she continued.

For Shania, like many, it is often easier said than done, as she detailed how she maintains her figure in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2016, despite not being a “gym person.” 

 “I just have to fight eating a lot of my favorite foods like French fries and any carbohydrates, which is a real drag,” she said. “I have to just try to dominate my diet with more proteins. I love vegetables anyways, so that’s OK, but it’s just really hard keeping the carbs down, but that’s what I do!” she added. 

“Eat well, and take care of yourself, and whatever weight that leaves you at, accept it,” she added in her letter. 

After embracing her curvy physique, Shania no longer wears shorts and a T-shirt to the beach.

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