When it comes to celebrities who love to show off their meals on the ‘gram, Sofia Richie definitely tops the list! More often than not, the 21-year-old model posts photos of her food from Klean L.A., a celebrity hotspot and delivery service that specializes in healthy, great-tasting dishes. 

Speaking exclusively with Life & Style, Klean L.A.’s owner and CEO, Kiki Heinzer, explains why her eatery is a step above the rest. “At the end of the day, if you have a good product that delivers what you promise and produces results, word gets around,” Kiki, whose other A-list customers include Marianna Hewitt, Katherine Schwarzenegger and Kelly Slater, explains. “I have committed to helping people get healthy, while still providing great-tasting food and that has always been my No. 1 priority above anything.”


klean LA founder kiki Heinzer
Courtesy of Klean L.A.

If you ever find yourself in Los Angeles, then you’ve definitely got to check out some of these menu items. “People love our protein macro plate with our almond crusted tenders made with only a few ingredients and baked, never fried, grilled broccolini and sweet potato wedges,” says Kiki. “You get a balanced meal of protein, vegetables, complex carbs and healthy fat, plus a homemade sauce. Everything, down to our ketchup, is made from scratch.”

Klean L.A. also has transformative meal plans available! Currently, “Ignite” is their most popular. However, Kiki doesn’t consider the company’s mission to be about weight loss. “I wouldn’t call it a diet.  It is real, whole foods for real people that expect the most out of what they eat,” she assures. “Our guiding principles have always been balanced nutrition, high quality, whole foods, removing inflammatory triggers and great taste and variety.”

Klean L.A. Meal
Courtesy of Klean L.A.

Kiki concludes, You can taste and feel the difference when you eat our food. You instantly feel less bloated, lighter and more energized because you are fueling your body with the food it needs. It helps you glow from the inside out!”

No wonder why Sofia is such a big fan!