Leaving the past in the past? Summer House star Ciara Miller is seemingly rekindling her fling with Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll after their prior love triangle with costar Lindsay Hubbard. Relive their drama and what happened below. 

Sparks first flew between Ciara, 26, and Austen, 34, during a steamy hot tub makeout session on season 1 of Winter House in 2021. Things got awkward shortly after when Lindsay, 35, told the Kings Calling Brewing Co. founder that she had feelings for him. 

Ciara and Austen continued to date off screen after the season wrapped but opted to call it quits before things got too serious. In November 2021, the Washington, D.C., native admitted he “wasn’t fully over” ex Madison LeCroy during an interview with Entertainment Tonight

Summer House: Austen Kroll, Ciara and Lindsay’s Drama Explained
Ciara Miller/Instagram

That being said, Austen and Ciara’s steamy reunion on season 6 of Summer House doesn’t come as a huge surprise to fans, since the reality stud teased in November 2021 that things may not have been fully done between the two.

“You never say never,” he told People in November. “Craig [Conover] thinks I’m going to end up with her.”

Despite Austen seemingly making a decision between Ciara and Lindsay, things continued to get even more awkward between the costars.

Austen and Lindsay’s friendship became strained after he appeared on Watch What Happens Live in October 2021. He got into hot water when he chose Ciara over Lindsay for almost all the positive questions, including who is the better cuddler and kisser, during a game of “Pick Your Spouse” — all while Lindsay sat across from him in the audience. 

Lindsay, who eagle-eyed fans noticed unfollowed Austen on Instagram shortly after the interview, later admitted during an appearance on the “Reality Life With Kate Casey” podcast that she was “uncomfortable” during the situation and wasn’t “OK with keeping that kind of person in my life,” in reference to Austen. 

“I think he could have been a little bit more respectful to me and to our friendship. We’ve had conversations about that in the past,” she explained. “Specifically, after Winter House filming, I had a conversation with him about that.” She has since moved on with Summer House’s Carl Radke

For his part, Austen confessed he didn’t understand why his costar was upset. “I thought that we were moving on and being, like, much more adult about it, to be totally honest,” he said on Craig’s “Pillows and Beer” livestream.

As for Ciara, she simply said, “Who cares?” when asked about the drama on WWHL in November 2021. “It’s a game and, like, sorry I’m the better kisser,” the nurse said at the time.