Sometimes it’s complicated introducing your kids to your new significant other, but Tarek El Moussa found the perfect way to ease the transition for his children when it was their time to meet his girlfriend Heather Rae Young.

Tarek revealed that he prepared Taylor, 9, and Brayden, 4, whom he shares with ex-wife Christina Anstead, before they had their first official encounter with Heather. How did he do that? The Flip or Flop star was straightforward with them and showed them photos of his girlfriend.

“I started the conversation first with my daughter, Taylor, because she is older than my son, Brayden,” he told Today Parents. “After going out with Heather Rae a few times, I started bringing her into my conversations with Taylor and would mention her little by little, sharing with her that I had met someone.”

Tarek El Moussa How He Introduced GF Heather Rae Young Kids
Courtesy of Tarek El Moussa/Instagram

He continued, “I shared that just like Daddy, she is also on TV and in real estate. After getting the initial conversation started, I would also show the kids photos and videos of me and Heather Rae laughing, being silly and hanging out, and that made them laugh and be able to put a face to her name. I tried to make it fun which made for an easy in-person introduction later on.”

Thankfully, his plan worked because the kids love her — especially Taylor, who has had some girl time with the Selling Sunset star. “It’s very new and I love it,” Heather exclusively told Life & Style in September about his relationship with Tay. “His daughter and [I] bonded very quickly.” Heather and Tarek began publicly dating in August, which was around the same time his kids met Heather. Clearly, it’s going very well.

In mid-September Tarek took his girls on a sweet date, and they had a blast. “I know it’s a little late for a post, but it’s date night with my girls!” he captioned an Instagram post at the time. “For the past few years Tay and I have always gone to her favorite steakhouse! It’s special to her because it’s a ‘me and her only’ dinner spot. This time, she asked me if we could bring @heatherraeyoung and my heart melted. Heather is just amazing with Tay, and they adore each other. I just wanted to share our special date night’ with you.” How sweet!