Swifties, your ~wildest dreams~ have come true! Taylor Swift confirmed the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) while performing in Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 9, during her Eras Tour.

Walking out onto the stage in true 1989 blue, the “Style” singer, 33, hinted at every Swiftie conspiracy theory when she mentioned the eighth month of the year and a project a long time in the works. The rerecorded 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will be released on October 27, the singer announced, before belting out “New Romantics” during the highly anticipated acoustic set of the concert.

1989 was originally released on October 27, 2014, with the Deluxe Edition featuring tracks “Welcome To New York,” “Blank Space,” “Style,” “Out of the Woods,” “All You Had To Do Was Stay,” “Shake It Off,” “I Wish You Would,” “Bad Blood,” “Wildest Dreams,” “How You Get the Girl,” “This Love,” “I Know Places,” “Clean,” “Wonderland,” “You Are In Love” and “New Romantics.”

Earlier this summer, Taylor released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) after a similar surprise announcement during night 1 of her Eras Tour in Nashville, Tennessee, on May 5.

“There’s a different reason that I’m really excited about this part of the set tonight. Because I’ve been planning something for a while,” Taylor teased. “You know how I love to plan things, and how I love to surprise you with the things I plan. It’s my love language with you — I plot, I scheme, I plan and I get to tell you about it. If you would direct your attention to the back big screen.”

The screen revealed the new cover of her October 2010 album, Speak Now, with the added (Taylor’s Version), which later dropped on July 7 — featuring all of the beloved original tracks, plus six Vault tracks.

“It’s here. It’s yours, it’s mine, it’s ours. It’s an album I wrote alone about the whims, fantasies, heartaches, dramas and tragedies I lived out as a young woman between 18 and 20,” Taylor wrote via Instagram on the day of the album’s release.

“I remember making tracklist after tracklist, obsessing over the right way to tell the story. I had to be ruthless with my choices, and I left behind some songs I am still unfailingly proud of now. Therefore, you have 6 From The Vault tracks! I recorded this album when I was 32 (and still growing up, now) and the memories it brought back filled me with nostalgia and appreciation,” she continued, before concluding, “For life, for you, for the fact that I get to reclaim my work. Thank you a million times, for the memories that break our fall. 💥🐉🏰 Speak Now (MY VERSION!) is out now.”

With 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on the way, the 12-time Grammy winner has four re-recordings under her belt, including Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version). Debut (Taylor’s Version) and Reputation (Taylor’s Version) will be her final two re-recordings after music manager Scooter Braun purchased her masters following the sale of Big Machine Records in 2019.