It looks like reality TV worlds are about to collide. Thanks to Amazing Race Season 30 contestants and Big Brother sweethearts Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, CBS is looking to feature an all Big Brother alum cast for the new season.

While CBS has yet to confirm anything, sources close to the show's production team have reached out to TMZ with a number of exciting details! According to the outlet, the cast has been selected, filming has begun, and "The all-Big Brother edition of Amazing Race will feature at least one past Big Brother winner."

Though several popular winners have chosen not to participate, TMZ reports that "CBS is happy with the final cast … and they're ready to race around the world." As far as if Cody and Jessica will return to the series, sadly, it's unlikely.

While the two may have sparked the idea for a crossover — after taking home the Season 30 win and dominating the whole competition — the couple is now happily engaged and planning a wedding. In fact, their nuptials are coming up quickly!

Speaking with Us Weekly, Jessica and Cody gushed over planning the big day. "The wedding will be in the fall! We're both very excited," they shared. "There's a lot of planning to do so we're going to hit the ground running. I would love to have the wedding on a vineyard somewhere here in LA." As for Cody's role in the wedding planning process, he only wants one thing — it must be catered by Texas Roadhouse!