Maria Georgas reflected on being part of the drama on season 28 of The Bachelor in a TikTok video posted on Sunday, February 18. The ABC star posted the video five days after an episode showed her breaking down in tears and threatening to leave the show amid her feud with Sydney Gordon and tension with Lea Cayanan and Jess Edwards.

“I really do want to give grace to all of the women involved,” Maria, 29, said. “Being in an environment like this, it heightens everything. Your emotions, everything is just overwhelming. So it does get the best of us at times and it did get the best of me. I think you guys did get to see that on Tuesday’s episode. It was kind of my breaking point.”

The Canada native was filled with emotion at the cocktail party that followed her two-on-one date with Sydney, 28, and Joey Graziadei. Maria thought her involvement in the drama was over after she got a rose on the date and Sydney was eliminated. However, she then faced criticism from Jess, 24, for taking up Joey’s time at the cocktail party when she already had a rose. Lea, 23, also complained about Maria’s behavior and called out other women on the cast for being supportive of her after Sydney’s elimination.

the bachelors maria georgas reacts to sydney gordon drama

“I just want to say, I’m not innocent in this,” Maria continued. “I like to say I am a woman that speaks her mind and will defend herself at all costs. That’s just how I was raised. If I could go back, honestly, I would do things differently. Especially when whatever you’re going to say or do is not going to make the other person happy. Next time, I’m just gonna zip it.”

Maria and Sydney’s drama began when Sydney accused Maria of downplaying Madina Alam’s feelings about being the oldest woman in the cast. Maria wasn’t happy that Sydney was talking about her and it led to multiple confrontations between the two. When the situation was brought up to Joey, 28, Sydney accused Maria of creating a “hostile environment” within the group and said that she had “verbally attacked” another cast member.

Joey decided to send Sydney home after listening to his “gut,” which told him that his connection with Maria was stronger. In her TikTok, the executive assistant promised that the full truth would eventually come out.

“Nobody’s perfect, including myself,” she added. “I just think that s–t happens sometimes and people deal with things differently. When I said things would come to light and things would come out … I stand by that.”

In a February 13 post on her Instagram Story, Maria shared a similar sentiment. “We’re all watching together at the same time,” she wrote. “Things I’m seeing are new to me as well and are hard to watch but please during this time, don’t send hate to anyone. Things will come to light as soon as they can I promise you that so just remember PEACE LOVE AND POSITIVITY.”