The original The Hills series was full of surprising plot twists, and it looks like we can expect the same from its reboot, The Hills: New Beginnings. Based on what the stars of the series had to say, fans are in for a treat.

Some OG cast members like Heidi Montag, Whitney Port and Justin Bobby all exclusively dished to Life & Style about what makes this season so suspenseful and a lot of what they said has to do with being at different points in their lives compared to the precedent series.

“After 10 years, everyone has a lot that’s happened in their lives and a lot of past drama and history is coming past. It’s very intense for everybody,” Heidi said during the series’ premiere party in Los Angeles on June 19. Since The Hills ended in 2010, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, a.k.a. Speidi, have been married for nearly 11 years. They also welcomed their first son, Gunner, in 2017.

The Hills Cast Members
Rob Kim/Getty Images for Buzzfeed News

Whitney, who is also a mom now, seems to think the show will be somewhat nostalgic. “I think they’ll be surprised about how much has not changed, honestly,” she said. “Like how people can still have such like deeply rooted issues with each other and not be able to just have like mature conversations and get over it.”

However, she did say that now that many of the cast members are parents, things aren’t completely the same. “I do think people are going to be excited to see everybody in their different worlds as like parents now and mothers and fathers. I think that people want to see like maybe how we’ve grown up in that respect and in a lot of ways everybody has matured.”

The original series revolved around Lauren Conrad, who was the main star, and her friends. Now, it seems that everyone will have a more equal role, according to Justin. “We’re tapping into everybody’s story. It wasn’t just one person’s story like it was and it spread from there,” he revealed.

Newcomers Mischa Barton and Brandon Thomas Lee will give the series an alternate perspective considering they’re not living the same lifestyle as the OG stars. “Me and Brandon Lee are the newbies and you know we’re a different story because we’re single or you know, not married with kids,” she began. “And yeah, there’s a lot that goes on. We don’t know what makes the shows so I can’t really tell you, but it’s all that fun stuff — having kids, being older, still going out and partying, and like making different strides in life.” The O.C. alum also added that some unresolved issues from a decade ago will surface again.

The Hills: New Beginnings premieres on MTV on Monday, June 24 — can’t wait!