It was a big day for the Kardashian gals yesterday, as they celebrated the 80th birthday of their grandmother, MJ. And without MJ there would be no Kris Jenner, and without Kris Jenner we would have never had a Kourtney or a Kim or a Khloe Kardashian. Or a Rob and a Kendall and a Kylie.

So let's all wish MJ a very happy birthday!

Kim and Kourtney also both took some time to celebrate grandma with some awesome throwback photos on their Instagram accounts.

Kim posted a delightful family glamour shot, writing, “Happy 80th Birthday to my grandma MJ!!!! You have taught me so much about life! You are my idol!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with you!”


Kourtney on the other hand decided to get more personal with a photo of just her and her grandmother, saying, "This woman has always inspired me so much as a strong, independent, smart woman. Happy birthday MJ!"


Khloe on the other hand seems to have forgot to post her old photo, but maybe that's because she was still yelling at her man French Montana for wearing this shirt, in which case that is a perfectly acceptable excuse.