Raise your hand if you’ve tried to do “The Maddie Face.”

Now keep your hand up if you’ve failed miserably because only Maddie Ziegler can perfectly perform said face. Thought so.

Everybody’s favorite Dance Moms star is known for her beautiful expressions on stage — even Abby Lee Miller herself started the infamous #MaddieFace on Twitter!

maddie 7
maddie 4
maddie 2

But what about Maddie’s other faces? Why must we obsess over ONE face?! The girl’s got plenty.

Like this one:

maddie 9

And sassy Maddie…

maddie 6

What about crazy-eyed Maddie?

maddie 5

Or crazy makeup Maddie?

maddie 1

Kissy face Maddie!


And finally, our favorite … Devilish Maddie.