She’s ready to break that glass ceiling! It’s been nearly a decade since the world was introduced to Eden Wood on TLC’s polarizing reality series Toddlers & Tiaras. Now, at 12 years old, the glitz icon has said goodbye to the world of pageantry — but is focused on becoming the President of the United States!

Eden shared her political aspirations in an exclusive interview with Life & Style on Saturday, Feb. 10, at the New York Fashion Week Love Baby J & BBTC Couture show, where she reunited with her Toddlers & Tiaras co-stars Isabella Barrett and Mackenzie Myers.

eden wood
Alonso Cabellos

Eden (far left) with Isabella and Mackenzie.

“[I’d like to become] president,” the blonde beauty said, adding that she has a long list of other goals she’d like to achieve before then: “I want to go to Harvard for one, and I might go into fashion designing. I don’t know. Acting, singing.”

Still, taking over the Oval Office remains Eden’s top priority as she reminded Life & Style to “vote for me to become president” when her campaign eventually kicks off. And that’s a no-brainer. She’s got our full endorsement. TBH, homegirl could do a heck of a lot better job than our current POTUS. Because if a reality star is going to run our country, they should at least know how to properly apply self-tanner. (Sorry, Trump, but your orange glow has got to go.)

During her chat with Life & Style, the impeccably spray-tanned Eden revealed that along with running for president, she’d like to compete for another pageant crown one day. “I definitely miss pageants in general and I would like to do another one in the future maybe, but as of right now, I’m good,” she said. Until then, the Arkansas native is enjoying her “normal life” as a middle school cheerleader “making all As and Bs.”

But don’t rule out a return to reality TV. “It would depend on the situation,” the part-time model said. “But I definitely probably would do it.” Fingers crossed Eden — who, at just five years old, once made the profound realization that she was “real, real famous” — graces our small screens again sometime soon.